Naseby Ice Rink

Channel Rd | Naseby | New Zealand

Welcome to the Naseby Ice Rink. We're open throughout the winter for skating, curling, or for hurtling down our famous outdoor luge track.And don't forget to grab a hot Jimmys pie and chips.


Adult full day with skate hire $20, own skates $15.
1/2 day with skate hire $15, own skates $10.

School Child full day with skate hire $15, own skates $10.
1/2 day with skate hire $10, own skates $8.


Adults $30pr hour, School Child $25pr hour


1 hour game $20pr person, 2 hour game $30pr person

Family rates and season tickets also available.

Ice skating tips for beginners

When winter comes, many people can only think on one thing: ice skating. It is an exciting sport ideal to share with head-turning and skilled escorts. Therefore, if you have decided that you want to experience the adrenaline of sliding down the slope with your skis, take these experienced ladies with you and enjoy this adventure.

Adrenaline and adventure combined in a unique sport

A fundamental material that cannot be missing in your luggage includes helmet, gloves, homologated sunglasses and sun protection cream which you will be using to protect your face and ears. Acquainted escorts from will also recommend you to use a special set of jacket and pants for skating. Additional accessories like boots or skis can be rented on specialized stores.

Be sure to hold well your boots to your feet and ankles in order to prevent possible injuries. See if they fit well or if they are too big at the moment of renting them.

If you are getting familiar with this activity, your intelligent London escort can recommend you a reliable trainer. He will help you to learn the basic notions to maintain balance and begin to slip. There are many things that you should learn on your first day, and you can successfully achieve it assisted by a professional.

A trainer will correct your posture which is fundamental to avoid accidents. He will also teach you some tips and techniques so you can have fun while you learn.

With the assistance of a skilled trainer you can avoid those vices that you could acquire skiing with friends. Your proficient London escort from EROS knows suitable ski schools with qualified teachers which have more than 10 years of experience. If you are planning to enjoy the snowy sceneries of countries like New Zealand, do not hesitate to resort to her advisory.

Skating is a unique sport. It gives you freedom and the sensation that you can do anything you want when you slide through the snow. However, do not forget this is a risky sport, and as such, you have to consider certain safety rules.

Prepared escorts will recommend you to wear your helmet all the time. Additionally, keep a reasonable distance from other participants. Remain inside the marked tracks. And above all, if you have any concern, do not hesitate to talk with monitors or with people in charge.

Benefits provided by ice skating

Ice skating is an incredible sport that combines physical activity and fresh air. It encourages the development of corporal, mental and social skills. Your favorite London escort will tell you that this is one of the most complete sports that exist.

This aerobic sport is a valuable ally on the prevention of health problems like cardiovascular illnesses since it implies high energy expenditure. It allows you to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight and adequate levels of cholesterol.

In addition, skating helps you to improve your balance since you must maintain an adequate position for the correct practice of this sport. Expert escorts will explain you that this activity reinforces coordination between the different muscle groups. You will also notice how your physical agility, stamina and concentration are also increased.