Naseby Ice Rink

Channel Rd | Naseby | New Zealand

What is curling?

When looking at sports as a whole and determining what condition does allow the biggest variety of activities, you will soon realize that it is actually water. It covers most of our planet and is available almost everywhere in one or the other form. Some regions enjoy snow and ice sports, like skating, skiing and curling, while others love its liquid form. Places like New Zealand don't get too cold ever, so it will almost always be the sea that they enjoy when speaking of sports and conditions. But there is not that big of a difference between surfing and skating, one just needs to adjust a few things and switch to the other.

What is the best for you?

Some sports like ice skating are not that good for certain groups of people, while some forms of it like curling can be done by everyone. If you haven't heard of it or have never seen it, than here is the explanation. Curling is a sport where people skate on ice while sliding a stone on it at the same time, when they reach a certain point they need to leave the stone to skate on its own. The goal is to place it as close to the four concentric circles as possible, the closer to the middle - the higher the points.

The sport originated from Scotland, where it was played on frozen lochs and ponds and in 1924 it is the first time it was introduced to the Winter Olympic Games. But the histories go way back and the earliest known stones used for curling date from 1511 and are found in Stirling and Perth. One of the questions that come up when watching it is about the sweeping and what it does. Two players usually skate in front of the stone and sweep the ice, the point of that is to heat up the ice so the friction between it and the stone is reduced. The stones are made out of Scottish granite and still serve one of the oldest known team sports.