Naseby Ice Rink

Channel Rd | Naseby | New Zealand

How many kinds of skating are there?

Every region has their own sports and activities that they just like doing or are drawn to and the nature of those depends of a set of different factors. For example, it is natural for people that are living in snowy areas to have sports that rely on their weather conditions, they will do skiing, ice skating and a variety of other snow and ice sports. People who live near the sea, like in New Zealand, will be first introduced to water sports, swimming, diving and sailing. But those who are between that can choose and are often those who are best at everything.


Exploring is fun

Depending on your skills and interest into sports, you will be able to do whatever you want, but still there is not much time to master them all. The recommendation on what to try first might help you, so here it is: you should try out ice skating. You have most probably done skating, if yes than doing it on ice will just be a different surrounding for you, but if you haven't than you will really get to experience everything it has to offer. However, there are still decisions to be made, because there are different types of ice skating and you might even go for the harder ones.

Figure skating is the type that you might be familiar with, it is the form where the skaters try to do dancing on ice and do incredible performances. Other forms and sports depending on ice skating are: Ice hockey, Curling, Speed and tour skating, Rink and usual bandy, Ringette and Ice cross downhill. The best ones for beginners would be those forms that combine other sports and are not solely skating, like curling and ice hockey. These ones offer you also a higher protection of falling and won't get boring as easily. Once you have mastered these, you should go on to figure skating or even ice cross downhill.